Info over Renta

Who is Renta?

Renta is the Belgian Vehicle Rental Assocation. It consists of two branches: long term rental and short term rental.

At the end of 2015 the combined fleet of all Renta Members was more than 370.000 vehicles, about 95% of hte Belgian Car rental market. 

You can read the history of our association in French or Dutch

Renta defends the interests of the industry by:

- being representative in follow-up of legislation jurisprudiction, and evolutions in society with direct or indirect impact on the car rental and leasing sector.

- collecting market information, trends and statstics, organize studies and distribute them to the members.

- Promote and enforce a code of conduct amongst them members

- Supply inforlation to external stakeholders

- organize project to improve efficiency for the industry and to promote the business, without disturbing free competition.

Board of Directors

The board of Directors consists of 5 members, representing the different activities and defines the strategy of the association:

- President of the board: Miel Horsten, CEO ALD Automotive

- Director & Vice-president Short Term Rental: Maria Meyns, key account Enterprise

- Director & Vice-President Long Term Rental: Werner Franck, CEO KBC Autolease

- Director and responsible for SME members:  Jean-Paul Vanassche, CEO of Camionverhuring/Via Location

- Director: Guy Hannosette, Commercieel Directeur Vancia Car Lease

Director General

Daily operations are lead by the Director General,  Frank Van Gool.

Hij is sopkesman for press and external relations, or 0475 20 52 54


Renta is a member of  Leaseurope, representing the leasing and car rental business with 45 national associations in 33 countries.

Renta's Frank Van Gool is President of Leaseuropes Car Rental working group.

Meer information about Leaseurope can be found on their website